As President and CEO of the Houston Metropolitan Chamber, I am proud that our Chamber is the advocate for small business. We hear it all the time, that Small Business is the backbone of economy. Just about every politician campaign reminds us of that during elections.

According to studies, there were 27.9 million small businesses registered in the United States, compared to just 18,500 companies of 500 employees or more. Included in that total figure are sole proprietorships (73.2 percent), corporations (19.5 percent), and franchises (2 percent). 52 percent of small businesses are home-based. The most important thing to note? 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms are small businesses.

Small business creates jobs, lead innovation and reflect America’s diversity.

There is debate about what is considered a small business, however there is no debate that small businesses need the support of their communities. It is the Chamber’s role to provide small business with a platform to create connections, increase their visibility and give back to the community while growing their business.

We encourage the community to support small business by shopping local for products and services. The chamber implements a variety of events to bring people together to share information, ideas and education on the products and services of our members.

Join us and support small business, support our community! 

As a caveat, the majority of these figures come from the Office of Economic Research’s 2012 study–which are considered the most accurate numbers reflecting the state of jobs and business in the country. Being that we’re coming up on 2018, it’s likely that these numbers have undergone some adjustment since then.