Joanne Monic with Anthology Senior Living Tanglewood, is preparing to host the HMC Senior Services Alliance Lunch featuring Tavis Boldt, Director of Operations with At Your Side Home Care. Anthology (previously Overture) is transitioning from a 55+ apartment living community to a full scale independent and assisted living facility. Emily Collins is the Executive Director of Anthology Senior Living Tanglewood.

The Houston Metropolitan Chamber is looking forward to the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting as soon as renovations are complete.

Thank you to Travis for an excellent presentation on a topic that is rarely addressed- Compassion Fatigue.  Compassion Fatigue can be a serious occupational hazard for those in any kind of helping profession. Travis specifically addressed healthcare because the nature of care-giving lends itself to Compassion Fatigue. It is no surprise, that it is typically those with the most empathy who are the most at risk.

Compassion Fatigue is characterized by physical and emotional exhaustion and a profound decrease in the ability to empathize. Travis shared how he watched for this in his own homecare
agency. He explained that it is a form of secondary traumatic stress; the stress occurs as a result of helping or wanting to help those who are in need. It is often referred to as “the cost of caring”
for others who are in physical or emotional pain. If left untreated, Compassion Fatigue not only can affect mental and physical health, but it can also have serious legal and ethical results if
healthcare leaders don’t educate themselves and their staff to recognize signs and symptoms. While it is not uncommon to hear Compassion Fatigue referred to as Burnout, the conditions are
not the same. Compassion Fatigue is more treatable than Burnout, it can be less predictable and may come on suddenly or without warning, whereas Burnout usually develops over time.

Thank you again to our host Anthology for an amazing lunch in a beautiful environment and to Travis Boldt for a great and motivational presentation.


Thank you as well to our new HMC Senior Services Alliance Chair, Pam Dibbern, Comfort Keepers, who will also head up our Senior Alliance Steering Committee with committee members: Dr. Sandra Scurria, MD VIP, Shana Bennet, The Abbey at Westminster Plaza, Daintree Dietz, PRS Insurance, Danna Fertsch, Jewish Herald-Voice.

If you are an HMC member and interested in joining the committee to help plan SSA events, please contact Pam by clicking the author information below.

The committee meets monthly right after the lunch event. The purpose of the Alliance is to give members in the healthcare arena a referral development and educational opportunity to network.