Esports Event

Esports Event

I had the pleasure of joining Mahmood Mumtaz, CFO of Esports USA for an evening of Esports. I wasn’t sure what to expect, my first time hearing of esports was when Mahmood invited me!

I thought sure maybe a few people would show up to watch this newfound sport, but to my surprise the event was packed. Their fans were decked out in the team’s paraphernalia ready to lead the newbies to Esports on supporting their team.

Once acclimated to this innovative sports world, I joined along cheering for our team, the Houston Outlaws. Just like our usual sports teams, esports teams have a bandwagon of fans that follow them around.


A giant screen displayed the game as well as the players from both teams. The players were wearing jerseys though comfortably seated in what looked like a desk chairs. It was a new sight to see people play a sport yet be so sedentary. Though the game was full of action that kept the fans engaged.



The Event was held at Poitin Bar and Kitchen and sponsored by Valhalla Lounge, owned and operated by chamber members. Congratulations to our HMC members Mahmood Mumtaz, CFO of Esports USA and Hans Goss, CEO of Esports USA for a great event, we’re looking forward to seeing the future development of Esports!

Ginger Simon