HMC Senior Services Alliance September 5, 2019

HMC Senior Services Alliance September 5, 2019

Blog regarding HMC Senior Services Alliance September Presentation, Networking and Lunch, The Medallion Assisted Living, Diabetes Relief, September 5, 2019 

HMC Senior Services Alliance September 5, 2019 Presentation, Networking and Lunch

was hosted by The Medallion Assisted Living at 6262 N Braeswood Blvd., Houston, Texas 77074 with Stephanie Barrocas. The Medallion is a smaller assisted living, which allows more individual care by a team that’s like family. The employees and the residents tend to stay long term, so employees are able to develop long-term relationships in caring for the residents. Check them out at or call Stephanie Barracos at 713-778-5702 for a tour.

Diabetes Relief 

Presenter: Scott Hepford, Co-Founder and Manager Operations-Development

Thank you to our presenter, Scott Hepford, with Diabetes Relief for this informative presentation regarding reversing the symptoms of diabetes. Imagine a patented technology backed by peer-reviewed scientific studies that can actually reverse the symptoms of diabetes. Imagine patients reporting having energy restored, medications reduced, nerve pain diminished, retinopathy diminished, wounds healed, amputations prevented, weight controlled, blood sugar controlled, blood pressure reduced, erectile function restored, mood and sleep improved, and hair and nail growth. Imagine we have access to that amazing technology right here in Houston. That’s what we learned about at the meeting.

Scott shared multiple studies and scientific information about the root cause and current treatment of diabetes, as well as how using insulin as a hormone rather than a drug can treat the root problem of diabetes. “Conventional methods focus on Symptom Suppression vs. addressing the root problem, Metabolic Failure. These methods have steadily increased healthcare costs.” One in four health care dollars are incurred by diabetics. In 2017, $327 billion dollars were spent in the US alone due to diabetes, with $622 billion expected by 2030.

Some limitations of current treatments for diabetes includes the following reported by various agencies:

  • • American Heart Association reports 2-4 times higher death rate from heart disease.
  • • National Kidney Foundation reports end-stage renal disease (ESRD) 30% Type 1 DM, 10-40% Type 2 DM
  • • American Diabetes Association reports 60-70% develop peripheral neuropathy, as well as
  • exhibiting increased rate of infection, chronic wounds, and amputation
  • • National Eye Institute reports diabetic retinopathy is leading cause of blindness in 20-64 year-olds and this affects 80% of those diagnosed for 20 plus years.

Impaired metabolism leads to higher glucose levels, which lead to inflammation and oxidative stress, which lead to cellular injury, impaired healing, infection, cancer, and cellular death. Diabetes Relief resets the way that our bodies use insulin by treating at the level of the metabolic failure. Once the metabolic failure has been addressed, the symptoms produced by that can be reversed and prevented.

Diabetes Relief has 21 locations in the US and internationally. We’re lucky to have locations right here in Houston. Whether you are just at the point of insulin resistance or already at the point of severe diabetic symptoms, I encourage you to call them to find out how they can help. You can reach them at 281-600-5000 and find out more about them at Thank you again, Scott, for your interesting and informative presentation.

Houston Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Gala 

Peggy Wilson, President, CEO of the Houston Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, talked to us about our 70th Anniversary Platinum Gala coming up on November 2, 2019. Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Connie Mariano, The White House Doctor. Dr. Mariano served nine years as physician to three sitting Presidents. She also has had many firsts in her life including: the first military woman to become a White House Physician, the first woman Director of the White House Medical Unit, and the first Filipino American in American history to become a Navy Rear Admiral. She has written a book called The White House Doctor: My Patients were Presidents. We would love for you to come celebrate our 70th anniversary with us! If you have questions or comments about the gala or anything related to the Chamber, please contact the Chamber office at 713-666-1521 or email me at

Thank you to our HMC Senior Services Alliance Steering Committte, including Chair Pam Dibbern, Comfort Keepers, who heads up our Senior Alliance Steering Committee and committee members: Dr. Sandra Scurria, MD VIP, Shana Bennet, The Abbey at Westminster Plaza, Daintee Dietz, PRS Insurance, Danna Fertsch, Jewish Herald Voice.

Blog Submitted by Pam Dibbern, Comfort Keepers and Chair Senior Services Alliance Steering Committee

(If you are a HMC member and interested in joining the committee to help plan SSA events, please contact Pam at The committee meets monthly right after the lunch event.) The purpose of the Alliance is to give members in the healthcare arena a referral development and educational opportunity to network and develop long term relationships. 

Ginger Simon