HMC Senior Services Alliance Hightlight- Carol Young

HMC Senior Services Alliance Hightlight- Carol Young

Carol Young, artist, photographer, pilot and world traveler, spoke to the HMC Senior Services Alliance at Overture Tanglewood on April 5, 2018. Carol shared her life story and how her life opened upbyfollowing her passions for photography, travel and flying.  Carol shared that the small town, shy girl she was, has evolved into a confident commercial pilot and flight instructor and a well-known and well-respected member of the aviation community. Learning how to fly an airplane changed Carol’s life forever. She also shared her tips for changing the conversation about aging, by following her passions and developing habits to support them as she aged.  Starting out as a young artist with oil paints, her artistic talents have expanded over the years to include photography. After retiring, her interests broadened to traveling. In the last few years, she has traveled the world and seen magnificent places and things beyond her wildest imagination.

Carol also shared with the Alliance audience, her health tips that were critical to her being able to remain flying and traveling the world. As a seventy-four-year-old woman, diagnosed pre-diabetic, Carol adopted lifestyle changes before medicine.  She began exercising more and lost thirty pounds. She attributed this change to her five easy steps to changing a habit that included:first become aware, second, you have towant to change, you have to become committed, take consistent action and persevere.  As part of the presentation, Carol showed stunning photographs of her travels and art work.


Prior to Carol Young’s presentation, Pam Dibben, with Comfort Keepers, gave the Alliance a brief update on a study the corporate office of Comfort Keepers is doing regarding using robots in home care. The company is rolling out it’s first model “Rudy’, a multi-functional robot companion designed to help seniors as they age. Rudy is a smiling robot about the size of a ten-year-old, that can help seniors in a multitude of ways, such as call for help, medication reminders, illuminate dark areas, call family members, among other things.

Pam also shared a service the local office of Comfort Keepers offers patients and families through an easy to use tablet. Through the grandPad, clients can stay connected to the Comfort Keeper local office and their friends and family.  It is part of Comfort Keepers commitment to keep clients healthy, socialized and engaged.  There is no charge for this service.

HMC Senior Services Alliance meets the first Thursday of every month from 11:3-1pm, location varies by host.  If you would like to host an Senior Services Alliance event, please contact co-chairs, Sandra Scurria, MD at, or Qiana James at

The HMC Senior Services Alliance is an opportunity for HMC members and guests to network, share lunch and enjoy a health-related topic. The Alliance acts as a opportunity to build a trusted network of providers that can be shared with the metropolitan area for communities seeking healthcare solutions and products. To learn more contact the Chamber at 713-666-1521.

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