Questions and Answers

Questions most often asked of the Chamber

I am thinking about joining a chamber, which one should I join?

There are a lot of Chambers to choose from in the area and even though Chambers are similar in their structure and mission, every chamber is different. The Chamber you choose depends on what your goals are and how the Chamber can aid and augment your marketing plan. If you have a retail store and are depending on foot traffic within a 5-mile radius, join the chamber closest to your business, otherwise shop around, meet the leadership and talk about what you are trying to accomplish. To arrange an appointment, call us at 713-666-1521


What area does the Chamber cover?

Chambers use to represent defined areas, borders have collapsed due to electronic media. HMC covers the metropolitan area, it is what gives us our diversity.


How do I get involved with the Chamber?

Attending new member orientation is a great start. Chambers have many opportunities to get active. Join a committee or if interested in leadership, apply to join the board. The more active you are, the more visible you become, the more people think of you when they are reaching for your product or service.


When will I see a return on my membership fee?

Your chamber membership fee is an investment. You are building long term relationships that have the potential to grow your business.


Do I get a ribbon cutting with my membership?

The Chamber provides ribbon cutting ceremonies to our members. We help you plan so your ribbon cutting will be a success. Please let us know if you would like a Ribbon Cutting Kit by emailing


Does the Chamber offer help with business startups?

Yes, we have a business resource team that has agreed to be a resource to our members and new business startups. Contact the Chamber at for more information.